Monday, April 6, 2009

Pushy Burnie

Crash here.
I'm a very good girl. Every night when my mom says that it's time for bed, I just walk into the bedroom, get my drink of water and wait. Then she has to wake Burnie up and carry him because he's too lazy to walk into the room.

Do you know what he did to me last night? Well, I'll tell you. When we go to bed, his spot is at mom's feet and I lay next to her pillow and we all sleep well. Last night, Burnie had the nerve to take my spot, then he went into a sound sleep and we couldn't move him.

Last week, he took mom's spot on the couch and now, my spot in bed. The nerve! I think he's trying to take over the house. What can we do about him?


HMK said...

Don't know!
Cats rule!

BetteJo said...

Obviously I have no advice. Mine are playing games of their own!