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Friday, May 2, 2008

Bus Adventures

Wednesday was my birthday and I celebrated (?) with a trip to Atlantic City.

I had a good time, even though I made my contribution to the economy of Atlantic City. My loss wasn't too bad because I played with some of the money I had won two weeks earlier.

It was not without its excitement though. While we were parked in our spot at the Hotel Casino and our driver was out of the bus, another bus that was being parked bumped our bus. Of course, all the old ladies on the buses immediately took down the name of the bus company, bus number and license plate.

When our driver returned, everyone told him about the "accident". Leave it to the old folks to make a big deal out of a slight bump.

Later on, when we were leaving, the same bus driver was trying to back out of the space. After three or four tries, she pulled into her slot and we passed. Of course, our driver wasn't taking any chances, he went through quickly at the same time blowing the horn to let her know we were there.

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