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Saturday, February 9, 2008

Cat Show

Tonight I couldn't find anything on TV that I wanted to watch so I decided to try Animal Planet. I caught a show called, "Cat People" and thought it might be fun. It's about the people who enter Cat Shows in particular the Santa Monica Cat Show.

At the first meow, Burnie woke up and started staring at the TV. Crash turned her back on the TV, but she is stealing glances at the cats while trying to appear disinterested. Burnie is really interested in the show. He actually stayed awake for the whole show. His hearing is very good even though it's selective. Whenever there is a dog barking or cat meowing on the TV, his ears pick up and he stares. Occasionally, a flock of birds will fly over the house and he runs from room to room trying to see them.

Back to the show, some of the breeders have up to 30 cats, which are their pets and they enter in the shows. One woman leaves her Christmas tree up all year and has filled it with ribbons that her cats have won. She travels all over California with her cats.

There was a beautiful copper colored Persian that was doing very well until the final part. Unfortunately, he didn't win. The best cat was a smaller version of a leopard called an ocicat. It's a really interesting looking cat.

All in all it was a good show.

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