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Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Academy Awards

If the news and ratings reports are to be believed, I'm one of the few people who watched the Oscars on Sunday.

It was an OK show, I particularly liked the film clips of previous years. Whoopi Goldberg though was miffed because she was not shown in the clips of previous hosts even though she was the first black woman to host the show and also win an Oscar. Poor Whoopi.

A lot of newscasters who don't seem to have a problem with illegal immigration and outsourcing of jobs complained that all of the top awards went to foreigners - English (2) top actor and supporting actress, French top actress and Spanish, supporting actor. There were also comments that the supporting actor spoke part of his speech in Spanish. It seems that his mother doesn't speak English, even though she lives in Spain.

There have also been comments about Diablo Cody winner of the award for best script. She is a former stripper. Doesn't the media believe in rehabilitation?

It seems that the American media and some performers are sore losers.

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ms/sss said...

I like Whoopi, and "The View" was very supportive of her while they talked about this oversight. The next day, on "The View", Whoopi shared news of a phone call from the powers that be. A gracious apology was offered and a gracious acceptance of the apology was given. All's well, and Whoopi nicely showed the mature side of herself.