Wednesday, February 6, 2008


Tonight I'm going to talk about manners, or the lack thereof. Tonight I went to a meeting of our homeowners association and after the meeting I spoke with one of my neighbors to compare notes on a home project I'm planning.

While I was speaking with her, one of the board members interrupted us to ask me a question. I answered the question and went back to my conversation. They interrupted again with some information. By that time my neighbor left. This is not the first time this has happened. It has happened to me several times at church. I'd be speaking with a committee member and someone else would come along and interrupt without so much as excusing him/herself.

Why do some people just barge into a conversation thinking that their thoughts are more important than what is going on. I think it would be more tolerable if they would first say, "Excuse me." I'm sure these same people would not have tolerated such interruptions from family members.

This is just example of a breakdown in manners. There are more which I'll talk about as they come up.

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Shelly said...

Hi, I have enjoyed your blog! I totally agree with you. Way too often these days people are forgetting their manners or they were not properly taught good manners. I think its disrespectful for people to interrupt a conversation unless its really important and can't wait. Good for you for blogging about it!