Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Jon and Kate Plus Eight

This week TLC ran a marathon of Jon & Kate plus Eight. I continue to be fascinated by their story. You can see their minor annoyance with each other, and all is not perfect with the children, they act like other siblings. But, you can see the love they all have for each other. They're also very brave. Who would have the courage to take eight children under age 6 to an amusement part or zoo.

They achieved their family with fertility treatments, and are so lucky that they are living at the present time. Until as recently as 30 years ago, their only alternative to having children would have been to adopt. I'm sure we've all known a family or friend that could not have children. They either remained childless or they adopted, which can be very expensive. Now almost every couple who wants children can have childeren.

There are some abuses in fertility treatments though such as single women or women over 50 going through these treatments to have a baby or a second chance at raising children. Children deserve parents who stand a very good chance of seeing them graduate from college. In spite of the abuses, it is wonderful when a husband and wife are able to have the children they've always dreamed about.


WillThink4Wine said...

I am one of the ones that fertility treatments did not help. Even though I became pregnant, my body would not allow me to carry to term. It is an emotional roller coaster: at times joyful, and then heartbreaking. I love Jon & Kate and their brood of Eight!

Anonymous said...

For Jon and Kate - I was curious - the first year you filed taxes with eight brand new deductions (all at the same time) did you get audited. Your family is beautiful and you should be very proud.