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Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Weird but True

Here are some more Weird but True stories from the NEW YORK POST.

Raccoon is back on the menu of an Indiana town fund-raiser. Hunters have bagged 103 of the critters for the annual Hibernia Community Building event, which has not offered raccoon to guests since 2002 when the chef who had been handling raccoon-cooking duties since the 1950's retired. He agreed to return this year after townspeople complained the event was not the same without raccoon.

Meanwhile across the "pond", London comedians are seeing red over clown noses. Health and safety chiefs at historic County Hall have banned the audience of a Comic Relief Does Fame Academy show from wearing foam red noses for charity - because they're a fire hazard. One show insider fumed, "It's a bit ridiculous to stop adults from wearing red noses." The noses were to be worn on Friday, which has been dubbed "Red Nose Day".

A champion British racing driver is a stand-up guy - he couldn't go to a wedding, so he sent a life-sized cardboard cutout of himself. Andy Priaulx was supposed to be best man at the wedding in Guernsey, but had to unexpectedly head to Brazil for a race. He sent the 6-foot photo, along with a recorded speech. And during the race, he wore a crash helmet with a message on it wishing the couple good luck.

Some folks in New Zealand have declared that their local government council has "gone totally insane" after they decided to sue themselves. Town fathers in Waitakere were informed they may have ordered some home removed from a flood plain without proper paperwork. Their response was to sue themselves in court, and then they were ordered by a judge to pay themselves a $4,800 fine.

Back on this side of the "pond", a group of wackos in Trenton, NJ has been trying to dodge arrest for petty crimes with a weird new tactic - claiming that they are from the Abannaki Indigenous Nation, which hosts citizens from Earth, Mars and Venus. Included in this group was an accused druggie, a guy wanted on a warrant and someone stopped for speeding. All produced official looking papers that identified them as diplomats from out of this world. Cops didn't grant the suspects diplomatic immunity - but added a charge of displaying fraudulant documents to their rap sheets.

You just can't make these stories up.

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