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Monday, March 26, 2007


Today I read an interesting article in THE WALL STREET JOURNAL. In it, the author said that parents who worry too much are teaching their children a counter-productive lesson. Their worries rub off on their children depriving the children of their self-sufficiency. Children need to take chances and not be protected at all times. Children who are forbidden to eat candy go overboard when exposed to it.

An Australian report found that playground accidents increased after safety measures had been increased. It is suspected that the new play equipment was so boring, the kids took more risks in order to have fun. Some schools have banned games of tag because someone may run and fall.

This seems to follow through with people obsessed with cleanliness. Now, I don't believe we should live in filth, but a little dirt is OK. I've seen people afraid to touch the handles in the subway, and always carry anti-bacterial soap. Some of them won't even touch the door knobs in a public bathroom, unless they have a paper towel. I've also seen that these same people are the ones who catch every cold they're exposed to. They're always sick with something. I think it's because they've never developed their immune system.

The lesson, take a chance, have fun, run around and be daring - touch that subway handle, let your kids have one piece of candy.

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