Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Animal Tales

Q. What is black, white and smells all over.
Ans. Torrance, CA where a housing boom has forced skunks out of their natural habitat and into the paths of more and more humans. They're under houses and getting hit on the streets. And if you've ever seen skunk roadkill, you know how bad that can be. It's even worse if you actually run over them.

Buddhist monks in Malaysia are bound by faith to non-violence and they don't know how they'll rid their temple of ants without killing them. One monk used a vacuum cleaner to gather up some of the ants and free them into a nearby forest, but that hasn't solved the problem.

A friend of mine has two cats. One is quite docile, but the other is an adventurer. Whenever the door is opened, he wants to run out. He is so desparate to escape that he has learned that if he jumps he can move the doorknob and open the door. He's escaped a few times using that tactic. Now his owner has to change her doorknobs from the modern lever type to the old fashioned round ones.

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