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Sunday, March 25, 2007

Quality Control?

Every week I receive a newsletter from Consumer Affairs listing some lesser known recalls. The list averages five recalls.

That doesn't count the recently highly publicized recall of dog and cat foods, most of which were prepared by one company, Menu Foods. Then, a few weeks ago, peanut butter was the problem. Last summer, spinach from California was recalled and lettuce was suspect. Of course, we all remember the problems Taco Bell had with their scallions or green onions.

Whatever happened to Quality Control. How can so many defective and contaminated products leave the factories and farms and turn up in our supermarkets and homes.

We consumers need a well-known celebrity to bring attention to this lack of quality control. It would make a great cause, maybe Al Gore or Michael Moore would like to attach his name to a problem that affects all of us now. What do you think?

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