Sunday, March 4, 2007


Last night I got a call from a girl I've known since grammar school. We went to high school, Bishop McDonnell Memorial High School in Brooklyn, together, but then lost contact for about 45 years. It's great to be back in touch again.

Now it seems that our high school is planning a reunion for all graduates, with special celebrations for selected years, ours, 1957, among them. It's hard to believe that I graduated from school 50 years ago, I don't feel that old. I feel about 35 or 40 myself.

In addition to the reunion planned by the school the end of March, there will be another specifically for our 50th in the end of April.

I might as well go to both. It will be interesting to see how well everyone else has aged.

I have already renewed friendships from grammar school, St. Sylvester School in Brooklyn. It's amazing, but we seem to have just picked up as if all that time had never passed. I guess the friends we make as children are always our friends.

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