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Thursday, October 28, 2010


The other day a friend and I were trying to decide on a restaurant for lunch for another friend. As we went through the list I was surprised and disappointed to learn that my favorite restaurant has closed.

They served very good German food which is something that is very hard to find. All the other restaurants that had closed were Italian. That's not too surprising because there are way too many Italian restaurants in the area. At one intersection, there are three Italian restaurants.

Most of my friends don't understand why I'd rather cook than go out to eat at some of the places here. I know I've been spoiled because when I was working we would go to the top NYC restaurants during Restaurant Week when we could get a great bargain even though I don't mind paying for a really good meal. We don't have many good restaurants down here so some of them will be missed.

I guess the next time I want good German food and don't want to make it myself, I'll have to drive back to Queens, Ridgewood to be exact. There's one place left, at least I think it's still there. Hmm, good excuse for a road trip.


Sarah said...
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Sarah said...

Dear Expat: I noticed you've been reading my blog. I've just returned from NYC, and oh how I love it, but as a tourist. I know you lived there, so it's not comparison as a tourist! So I was vacationing for three days in a hotel, with clean sheets, eating out every meal, broadways shows, martinis, etc. Heaven. Can't wait to go back. Food and drink phenomenal. But glad to be back to having my personal space! (