Saturday, October 23, 2010

Men Have it so Easy

Today when I was getting into the shower I realized that I envy men. Maybe not all men, but men of my generation.

Whenever we were going out, my husband would shower about 15 minutes before we were supposed to leave. Then, he would just reach into his closet and pick a shirt and pair of slacks.

When I plan on going out now, I need at least three hours to get ready. First, I have to shower, wash my hair, condition my hair, wash my face with special cleanser. Then comes the moisturizer, first for my body, then for my face. Then it's time to style my hair and do my make-up and make sure my manicure is still good.

Then, I have to pick an outfit. Jewelry is next - do I wear silver or gold. Which necklace, bracelet, or should I just wear earrings. Then there's the decision about shoes - heels, flats, black or matching my outfit?

By the time I'm thoroughly put together I'm tired and thinking about cancelling. Having fun is so much work.

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Anonymous said...

So true! Linda