Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Fussy Eaters

I think I'll give you a respite from my vacation pictures and stories.

Today I realized that I was running low on my supply of dry cat food. Feeling that a rebellion was imminent, I decided that I'd better buy more. So I drove to the local PETCO, grabbed a shopping cart and started wandering through the aisles.

Everywhere I looked my thoughts went to, "They don't like this, they don't like that, etc." They are such picky eaters. I wonder how they got that way. Could I have possibly spoiled them?

Then, I was reminded of one of my mother-in-law's favorite sayings (probably because she was not a good cook), "Hunger is a good sauce". Maybe, if I cut back on Crash and Burn's treats, they won't be so fussy and will then appreciate whatever I give them.

Let's see who gives in first - them or me.

1 comment:

ms/sss Mary P said...

Well, if they're anything like winsome little grandchildren, you don't stand a chance!!!
Mary P