Saturday, October 2, 2010

Alone Again

Crash here. I've been abandoned, again. This morning, mom went off on another of her geographical explorations which is what she calls a vacation. She said that a retired person is always on vacation, so how can you take a vacation from a vacation?

Anyway, I've done everything I can to keep her home. As you can see, I even took a nap in her suitcase, but it didn't help, she went anyway.

She's gone to Germany to ride a boat. She could have stayed home and done that, I don't know why she had to go so far away.

I hope to entertain you while she's away and I promise not to give away too many family secrets. I'm sure Burnie will want a turn talking to you too.

See you tomorrow.


BetteJo said...

Looks like Crash and been playing in the food again!

Snooty Primadona said...

I do just love Crash & Burnie! I've been paying for my trip to Italy ever since I returned home. Trouble cat has urped all over the place & hubby says she didn't urp once while I was gone. What's that all about? Hope you have a fab trip!