Saturday, October 9, 2010

Has Burnie been entertaining you? I hope he hasn't been complaining too much.

Dali's mom came today with good news. Mom will be home tomorrow. I can hardly wait. I missed her so much, I think I'll punish her though. When she comes in the door, I'll just ignore her and pretend to be asleep. That'll teach her to go away and abandon us.

I do have to admit thought that she did pick a very good cat sitter, although we really don't need anyone to sit with us. Except for opening the cat food cans, we can take care of ourselves.

Don't tell mom, but I'll be really glad to see her. Maybe she's bringing us presents from her trip. That's the least she can do.


BetteJo said...

Your secret is safe with me!

Mary P sss said...

Welcome back from Germany, Mom! I look forward to news of all your escapades, so rest up a bit and then start sharing! I hope you enjoyed every moment.