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Thursday, October 14, 2010

Basle to Strasbourg

Our cruise got better each day. The first night in Basle we met the crew and then had our Welcome Dinner.

It started with "Amuse Bouche" which I thought meant appetizer. Little did I know it meant more than appetizer. We started with a green leaf salad with walnuts and cheese followed by beef consomme or smoked salmon. Then came pan fried scampis with champagne risotto and orange sorbet with campari.

That would have been enough, but the entree was next - roasted veal loin with mushroom sauce or fillet of halibut on mustard sauce. Of course there was room for dessert of yogurt berries, rhubarb ragout with ice cream or cheese plate or fresh sliced fruits.

I must have been very tired that night because even though I know the food was terrific, I don't remember what I ate, probably the roasted veal loin and the rhubarb ragout with ice cream.

The next day we were in Strasbourg and I awoke to the news of terror threats in Europe. Strasbourg is the home of the World Peace Oranization and many UNESCO sites. I couldn't wait to get out of the city.

Before we left, we took a boat ride around the city. Even though I'd been there two years ago, I saw different parts of the city. After the boat, we walked around and, of course, visited the Cathedral and the astronomical clock. I am still in awe of the architecture of this church and the clock which were built centuries ago.

This was a memorial I hadn't seen before. It's not a good shot, but there is a face on each side. One is facing east and the other west symbolizing the fact that Strasbourg and Alsace Lorraine have been both French and German.
Later on I saw a small market and this dog. He looked so worried that I simply had to take his picture. He just calmly stood there and ignored the passing people.

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BetteJo said...

I would have to have all elastic waist pants on a cruise like that! Wow! And that architecture is beautiful!