Wednesday, July 18, 2007


Today I had an interesting call from a telemarketer. She wanted to add daily delivery to the weekend edition of the newspaper. Hoping to discourage her, I told her that the only reasons I get the paper are for the crossword puzzle in the magazine and the book review section. I also added that I don't have time to read the newspaper I do get and my book.

We then discussed the crossword puzzle which I said is my weekly exercise in humility. She also does crossword puzzles. Then we started discussing our favorite authors, Steve Berry, James Patterson, Linda Fairstein, etc. It was like talking to an old friend.

It was a nice conversation, but I didn't take daily delivery.


ms/sss said...

I'm reading James Patterson, BEACH ROAD. He is an author that is mentioned on the library's list of most frequently loaned books for 2006. It's light, fun, summer reading...Just what I need year round!

Anonymous said...

You were lucky Mom. I never got a telemarketer I liked. It certainly wasn't like visiting an old friend. I've taken a page from Seinfeld's book. Now I ask them to hold on a moment and leave them to go about my business. Eventually they give up and hang up. My crosswords give me a great deal of humility as well. Good luck with those marketers !!!!!!!