Wednesday, July 25, 2007

He did it again!

A few weeks ago Mayor Bloomberg joined the "green" bandwagon by complaining about the amount of bottled water consumed. He felt that the amount of plastic being used for those bottles was putting a drain on the ecology. He then said New Yorkers should drink more tap water, it's the best. On that I agree with him, tap water in New York is very good. However, about a week later the news came out that the City was thinking about raising the water rates.

For the last two weeks, he's been pushing his congestion pricing plan to discourage citizens from driving into the City during the day. His plan is to charge around $8.00 for each car coming in. His answer to critics is that those drivers should use mass transit. The transit system in NYC is able to handle all the increased ridership. He even said his train is not too crowded. On that I disagree with him. Now, there is talk that the MTA is threatening to raise fares again.

Does the mayor think that New Yorkers have minds like a sieve and they don't remember what he says from one week to the next, or does he think they're just too dumb to realize what he's doing? One week he wants us to drink more tap water and take mass transit and the next he's planning on raising water rates and transit fares.

And this is the man who is being suggested as a possible independent candidate for president.

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Anonymous said...

Dear Mom,
I agree with everything you've said about The Little Napolean Nanny". However, you left out that he will do exactly what he wants and to hell with the rest of us and what we think. The Politicians now think they are the boss and we are their subjects instead of the other way around. That's why they get away with so much. Bloomberg calls all the shots and we just follow like sheep to the slaughter. I say we do away with all politicians. I can't write what I'd like to call them all. Thanks for allowing me to vent. Keep up the good work.