Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Summer TV

TV in the summer has always left much to be desired. Before cable, we were left with re-runs of our favorite shows. Now, with cable, we have re-runs of our favorite shows or reality shows.

This summer, when I turn on the TV I hope to see some of my favorite commercials. Yes, commercials are getting better than the programs. I particularly enjoy the Verizon VIOS ads which feature a young boy. I think he's about five years old. In the first one, he thinks the Verizon installer is the cable guy, then he hears all about VIOS. The commercial ends with this boy seemingly unimpressed by Verizon, but impressed with the truck. On the follow-up, he explains all about VIOS to his father. The child is amazing. He must have a fantastic memory to be able to repeat the information on VIOS. He still likes the truck though.

There is another commercial for a luxury car, Mercedes I think. It shows a young boy with his toy ride-in car. He's riding, then washing it. That child is also adorable. It looks like a home movie, but it probably cost thousands to produce.

Of course, the commercials with animals are always amusing. I enjoy watching Duke on the Bush's Baked Beans commercial. He's always scheming to sell the secret recipe. If only I could teach the cats to act, I'd make a fortune.

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Anonymous said...

I also have given up on summer TV. Those two kids you mention are gems though. Hey, maybe I should take up Commercials also. Sounds like a plan Mom.