Thursday, July 26, 2007

Summer TV

It seems odd to say that the thing I like best about summer TV is the re-runs. Because of them, I've taken to channel surfing and I've found some very good shows.

One of them is on the Travel Channel. John Ratzenberger, formerly of CHEERS, travels around our country visiting companies who make their products in the United States. The name of the program is Made in America. I've only caught a couple of shows, but I saw the All Clad factory, the Ball Corp., maker of mason jars used in home canning and my favorite the New England Confectionary Company, commonly known as NECCO.

Did you know that those little candy hearts with sayings that we see only on Valentines Day are made year round by NECCO? That means that those candies are about a year old when they are sold. But they're are still tasty. Remember those NECCO wafers? I always enjoyed eating them, they were such a treat when I was growing up.

If you get a chance, try this show. You might enjoy it.

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