Monday, July 9, 2007

America's Loss

Last week, Beverly Sills died of lung cancer. She never smoked.

She had a wonderful voice which because of a cruel twist of fate was never heard by her daughter. Unfortunately, her daughter who had a prfound loss of hearing. It's so sad that her daughter could never be comforted by that beautiful voice. Her son was significantly mentally retarded and possibly autistic. Again, so sad that he could not be comforted by that warm woman.

She was a Brooklyn girl, born to immigrant parents. She was an American opera singer, having made her reputation in the States long before performing in Europe.

I don't think I ever saw her perform live, but I did see her on TV many times. Along with her wonderful voice, she had a lovely personality and certainly did deserve her nickname - "Bubbles".

I just read a quote from her reflecting on her life and career, "Man plans and God laughs". She also said, "I have often said I've never considered myself a happy woman. How could I, with all that's happened to me. But I'm a cheerful woman. Work kept me going."

She will be missed.

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ms/sss said...

Thank you for commenting on Beverly Sills' life and gifted voice. Man plans and God laughs. So right, so many times.
I believe in a heaven and in an eternal life. Hang in there, Ms Sills! Your reward is yet to come, and your children, whole and wholesome, will celebrate with you one day, not too far away!