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Wednesday, July 11, 2007

My Big Mouth

Me and my big mouth.

I have been taking a water aerobics class that was strictly aerobics. I took this class because I just wanted exercise without using weights or noodles. One day, the instructor introduced weights and noodles into the class. Of course, bigmouth complained and explained that I have a fear of water and don't like taking both feet off the bottom of the pool. Since that day, the instructor has given me special exercises to build both muscle control and confidence. She also said I'm to go to the pool every day to practice.

The other day I mentioned to the activities director of our community that since our webmaster is in the hospital, there is no one to provide website access to the new members of our community. The activities director has now asked me to be the new assistant webmaster following a little training.

I think I should stop making suggestions and heed the advice of that old saying, "Even a fish wouldn't get caught if it kept its mouth shut"

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