Saturday, August 28, 2010


I'm getting ready for a short cruise to Canada and just realized how complicated life has become.

Besides the assortment of clothes - warm weather, cool weather, casual and dress. There are the shoes for any occasion - sneakers for walking, sandals for lounging, low heeled shoes for dress wear. Then the jewelry, simple earrings, fancy earrings, watch, ring, etc.

Of course I need to take most of my electronics. I need my cell phone and its charger, then my I-pod and its charger. I have three cameras - one to keep in my pocketbook, another for simple pictures and a third for really special pictures on tours. Along with these cameras I need a charger for one and a supply of batteries for the others. My good camera eats the batteries, probably because it has an excellent zoom and I use that feature a lot. I'm not taking my computer because my arm and shoulder have been hurting from too much computer use. If I were taking that, it would mean another charger.

Then there's what I like to call my "lab". It's really just my cosmetics - make-up, moisturizer, special shampoo and conditioner, soap, face cleaner. It just seems to take more supplies and get harder to achieve that youthful natural look as the years go by.

I really wish I were able to be a more efficient packer and not a just-in-case packer.

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