Thursday, August 12, 2010


I just got home from our homeowners association meeting. It was packed, very unusual for this community. I guess they all came to see if it would turn out like the last meeting.

At our last meeting, some of the dog owners were very outspoken about the new regulations concerning the dogs and the clean-up. It seems some owners are picking up after their dogs, but instead of bringing the bag home for their own garbage can, they are dropping it down the sewers or into one of the ponds. Some also don't see anything wrong in letting their dogs go on someone else's lawn. That meeting almost ended in a riot. I'm surprised that no punches were thrown.

Tonight's meeting went much better. We got committee reports and then there were some questions addressed. There was one question that almost started everything up again. One person suggested that there be a prohibition against dogs for new residents. She generously said that the existing ones could stay. How thoughtful.

I'm not a dog person, mainly because I'm lazy. I look out my window on these hot days and am so thankful that I have cats. I never have to walk them. They use their litter box, they are quiet for the most part. Because I don't have to walk them in cold, rain, heat, I am of the opinion that cats make better pets. My cats are as affectionate as any dog.

But that doesn't mean that I begrudge anyone's having a dog. As far as the few lazy and inconsiderate residents are concerned, we should levy fines whenever they dispose of the waste in an inappropriate manner. True dog lovers shouldn't be punished because of a few inconsiderate, selfish people.

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