Sunday, August 1, 2010

Poor Burnie

I'm going to get off my soapbox now.

Today I went to dinner at a friend's house. Unfortunately, I forgot to give Crash and Burn their afternoon snack before I left. Of course, they were both at the door waiting for me and barely gave me time to put my purse down before they were yelling for their snack.

I give them each half of a 3 oz can of cat food. I did the same today. About two minutes later I came back into the kitchen and saw that Burnie's dish was empty. It didn't even look as if there had been any food there. And there was Burnie sitting right next to Crash who was busy eating her snack. Burnie watched Crash so closely, I thought he might dive right into the dish. Crash must have been hungry too because she usually gives up her food if Burnie gets too close.

I'm trying to control how much food they get since Crash is getting so fat that her belly sways when she runs and Burnie isn't too far behind her where the weight is concerned.

Sorry Burnie, you'll have to wait until tomorrow morning at breakfast time.

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Snooty Primadona said...

Poor Burnie! I actually used to feed my cats canned stuff but a friend's Mom told me to feed them nothing but dry food and baked chicken. The cats that were can fed had numerous teeth, kidney and other health problems. Since I began feeding the baked chicken/dry food diet our last & only cat only has to go to the Vet for her shots. When the other cats were still with us, everyone ate their food fast because they knew the dog would scarf it if they didn't, LOL!

And hey, you just keep up with your rants on your soap box. I love them!