Saturday, August 14, 2010

The Cemetery

I really have to pay more attention to my surroundings when I take my morning walk.

One of the claims to fame of our community is that we seem to be the only senior community with our own cemetery. Actually, it's an old revolutionary war family cemetery, not for us. Ever since I moved in here I've heard about this cemetery, that it was on a hill on the other side of our community, but I had never gone to visit.

This morning when I was taking my 1.4 mile walk (just bragging), I looked to my left and saw a hill. Then at the top of the hill I saw it. There it was, the cemetery. I didn't walk up to it, but now I know where it is. I must have walked right by it at least a dozen times, but never noticed. I did see the hill, but since there is still a lot of construction going on, I thought that it was just a pile of dirt that had started growing grass.

Also, while I was walking I met a fairly new neighbor. We had a nice chat. She's also single, likes to travel. She'd make a wonderful travel companion. She doesn't like to share a room, just wants to know someone else on a trip, share a meal, discuss tours, etc. Looks like I'll be going away a lot next year.


Mary P. said...

You're an inspiration...1.4 miles!
Sounds like your new friend will be fun!

Staci said...

Sometimes one never knows where their walks will ultimately lead!