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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Lost and Found

I like to buy multi-use jewelry, that is one piece with interchangeable parts. I had a lovely pair of earrings that were a wire with a series of diferent colored balls that could be attached to change the appearance.

Several months ago I dropped the wires in my closet. I looked everywhere, but I couldn't find them, they seemed to blend in with the floor. I kept promising myself that I would take everything off the floor of the closet and sweep to find the earrings. I never got around to it.

Today, I was checking out a tray that I use for my jewelry at the end of the day. There was an assortment of earrings, some coins and then I spotted them. There, sitting on the tray was the pair of wires that I thought had been lost. They were very dull, so I washed them and now they look as good as new.

I'd really like to know how they got there. 'tis a puzzlement.

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