Saturday, July 17, 2010


I've been reading too many cautionary tales about living alone. Don't leave things on the floor that could trip you (does that include cats), never let outsiders know you're alone, be careful with ladders, etc., etc., etc.

The last warning kept coming back to me. In my last house, I did fall backwards from the ladder and proceeded to put a hole in the door fortunately I wasn't hurt, just a little stiff. I've been letting things go around the house if they involved a ladder.

Part of the problem is Burnie... he likes to climb ladders. It's such a project to use a ladder. First I have to put Burnie in one of the rooms, then get the ladder from the garage, set it up and make sure Crash is not near me. Only then can I start to work. As a result, I've been living with two burned out light bulbs in the kitchen and bedroom curtains that sorely need a washing, or even replacement.

Today I decided to change that. I had bought new light and airy curtains for the bedrooms and I'm tired of cooking in dim light. Before I could start work, I noticed that I was stalling, putting off getting the ladder, etc. First I had to check my email, then take the papers in, wash the breakfast dishes, empty the dishwasher and put the dishes away. I thought of every possible excuse including changing my shoes because I was afraid I'd slip out of the slides.

Time to work. It went surprisingly well and quick. Unfortunately, I opened the door when I was finished and there was Burnie waiting. He managed to remember how to climb the ladder, he also managed to "tree" himself up there. He was afraid to let me take him down, so I pushed the ladder up to the bed and made him jump onto the bed.

Everything looks so fresh and summery now. All I need now is a nice new cover on my bed.

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