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Friday, July 16, 2010


Yesterday my mail in Outlook started acting strangely. I kept getting a message to give my password, then I got an error message that Send & Receive failed. No matter how many times I typed in my password, the same thing happened. All I could think was that my computer was failing again and I had just gotten everything back to normal.

This went on all day. I went directly to my service provider, but I still couldn't access my email. I was getting very frustrated. There was an upside to the lack of email. I was forced to find other ways to spend my day. I discovered something new to do - cleaning. I actually did some filing and straightened my office a bit.

I went through my old magazines and sorted the recipes I had cut out. Some of them I decided I would never make. I did find one - Garlic shrimp with angel hair pasta. I had some shrimp in the freezer and I always keep garlic on hand. Tonight I tried that recipe. It was delicious. It was very hard to not eat it all at once.

But I digress. The email problem continued all night, even this morning when I got up. I tried to send a message to another email address and that worked, but I still could not receive mail. I had one more test before I called my provider. I went to the Clubhouse and used their computer, still no mail. Now I knew my computer was OK.

A few hours later the mail started coming through. Everything seems to be working well now and I'm almost up to date on my mail.

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