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Wednesday, July 7, 2010

My Garden

I'm not a gardener. I guess I should clarify that. I'm not an outdoor, in the ground gardener. The idea of digging in the dirt just disturbs me. I much prefer my container garden. For some strange reason, the dirt seems cleaner.

Because I hate playing around in the dirt, I'm also not much of a weeder. Things had gotten so bad in the front of my house that I was embarrassed to be seen going in or out the door. I was very happy to drive out of the garage since no one could really see me. This way of thinking doesn't make much sense since everyone knows where I live.

Anyway, I finally contacted a landscaper to clean up the small patch of garden that I have. The weeds were quite high and there was one that was covered with thorns. The landscaper said it was thistle. This is what the area looked like before he did any work.

It may have been full of weeds, but at least it was green. I don't have to worry about the grass, the community takes care of that.

After he cleaned everything up, it looked like this.

Unfortunately, with the heat we've been having and the new water restrictions, it probably won't look so good for long. Some of the flowers look like they're dying. I've been trying to give them a little water. Hope it helps. The hydrangea also looks very wilted. There's hope for them since they've been in the same spot for 3 or 4 years.

If I'm lucky, this drought and heat will kill the weeds.


Anonymous said...

A great improvement! I have noticed some people 'love the digging in the dirt' part but not the follow up work, water and weeding. But this is a rural area and love gardening.

Pamela said...

my dad would take a little tin can and put holes in the bottom --so the water would drip thru..
And set it beside the plant and fill it with water.