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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

A Tale of Two (or Three) Singers

Last Sunday night at the MTV Music Video Awards viewers saw class and crass.

I guess by now, everyone has seen the way Kanye West stole Taylor Swift's moment when she won the award for Best Female Video. It's a shame that he chose to do that. His apology or explanation on Leno last night was pathetic. He turned it around on to him. He explained that he acted that way because he didn't take the time to grieve after his mother's death. He didn't seem bothered that his action took away the joy of the evening for this young woman who won.

She, however, showed her class when she was ready for a live performance just five minutes later. She also accepted his "apology".

Then we had another example of class when Byonce, who won for Best Video of the Year, invited Miss Swift back to give her acceptance speech uninterrupted. Byonce had been embarrassed by West's behavior, but it would have been very easy for her to just get up there and give her acceptance speech and ignore what had gone on before. But, she knew the hurt and confusion Miss Swift must have felt so Byonce shared her moment.

As Bill O'Reilly would say, both Byonce and Taylor Swift are patriots and Kanye West is definitely a pinhead.

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BetteJo said...

Definitely a pinhead. One thing I'm curious about though, is why nobody is saying the guy might want to look at what part alcohol is playing in Kanye's life. He was seen drinking straight from a bottle of cognac on the red carpet, and passing it amongst his friends inside. Not to use alcohol as an excuse mind you, but I'm wondering if this guy is beginning to slide down a very slippery slope.