Saturday, September 5, 2009


Today I decided to go the mall. They've been having so many sales I thought I might get a bargain or two.

My first stop was my favorite (since Lechter's folded) kitchenware store, Sur la table. I even had a $10 coupon, so of course I had to go. I picked up a couple of new tools, and as I was paying I joined the conversation. The ladies were discussing food, ethnic and "different" types. One woman mentioned bloodloaf which I hadn't heard of or seen in too many years than I care to remember. She also mentioned tongue which she would never eat. I added that as a child I ate it. I don't remember the taste, but do remember that it was rough. Then I mentioned tripe. Three out of four of us recoiled at that, but the youngest member of the group said that she liked it. She was sorry that she never got her grandmother's recipe. We continued discussing food, but I decided there was more shopping to be done.

I went through the mall and picked up a few things. It was a good day, I hadn't been there in several months and I enjoyed the walk.

But, my last stop was, while not quite a disaster, quite embarrassing. I walked right up to the Estee Lauder counter and was surprised that their special offer of six trial size cosmetics free with a $29.50 purchase was over. Then I asked for make-up. I knew the color, but there are so many types I couldn't find mine. I even suggested that they changed the bottle and no one disagreed with me.

After a little while, I realized that they didn't have the stylized rose on any of their products. I very sheepishly admitted to the salesgirl that I was at the wrong counter. I really wanted Lancome. I apologized and tried to laugh it off as a senior moment, but I was so embarrassed.

I found the Lancome counter and ordered my make-up. The special promotion doesn't really start until Tuesday, but they're taking orders now. I even ordered my special gift. I hope the ladies had a good laugh about my going to the wrong counter.

I always get the two companies mixed up. The only way I can tell the difference is the rose on each item. Hope I go to the right counter on Tuesday.


BetteJo said...

Whoops! Yeah embarrassing but really - your senior moment probably isn't very high on their "stupid things customers do" list. Doubt that makes you feel any better but I think it's probably true! :)

Cromely said...

I once tried to place a togo order by phone with a local chinese restaurant. We were having all sorts of trouble sorting out the menu items they said they didnt' have but which were clearly on the page in front of me. Then I realized I called House of Hong, instead of New Kowloon.


HMK said...

Join the crowd!
But for me, it's been ongoing since I can remember.
Don't worry about the sales ladis; they'll just continue their conversations where they left off when you came to their counter.
If they can remember!