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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Crash and Burn

When I went to Boston this past weekend, I thought I'd leave Crash and Burn on their own. They would have lots of food and water and I thought they'd be OK. Then I changed my mind, and asked a friend to come in Saturday and Sunday to give them fresh food. That's all I asked for. Of course, she did more. She cleaned their box and played with them.

She told me that Crash was very aloof which was unusual. She usually comes to the door whenever anyone comes in. Burnie is usually the one who holds back. Burnie was very friendly and loved having his belly rubbed. He just laid on the mat and luxuriated in the attention.

Everything was different when I came home on Monday. As soon as I opened the storm door, Crash came running and Burnie just took his time. Usually when I come home from a trip, Crash just ignores me until she gets hungry.

Now, neither one will let me out of their sight. I guess, in spite of the attention my friend gave them, they really missed me.

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