Thursday, September 24, 2009

New Toaster Oven

A few weeks ago my toaster oven died. I hadn't had it that long, but since I use it often, sometimes once or twice a day, I understood. But I was lost without it. I can't see heating the big oven for 1/2 a chicken breast, or one small piece of steak.

I was lucky enough to get a replacement on sale. As soon as I got it home, I unpacked everything and plugged it in after I glanced at the instructions. The next morning as I got ready to make my toast, I turned the knob to toast but nothing happened. I tried another dial, still nothing. I was forced to really read the instructions. Finally it worked. Everything went well for a while.

Then I went away for four days. I unplugged the unit. The other day I wanted toast for breakfast. I put the bread in the oven, turned the toast dial. Nothing happened. I played around with the dials for a little while, still nothing happened. Then I realized what was wrong. I forgot to plug it in.

Everything works fine now. It really pays to read instructions and make sure the equipment is plugged in.


Pamela said...

my food processor died lat month. It was YEARS old.

Now I can't cook anything.

I've never had a toaster oven -- but my daughter has one that she uses constantly. Maybe I should get a new kitchen so I have room for one.

ms/sss said...

What struck me were your last words, "It really pays to read instuctions...". Now why can't a man do that? Maybe because he's still working hard on trying to ask for directions. You think?