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Tuesday, September 22, 2009

I'm Baaack!

I just spent four days on a trip to Boston.

The time in Boston was great (more about that later), the ride to and from not so much. I would like to know why a tour director feels that is necessary to entertain us all the time. She spent so much time giving us facts about New Jersey when we were on our way to Massachusetts. Then, we had two quizzes and had to listen to a CD by some Irish comic. All of this was before lunch. When we stopped for lunch, at least six of our group asked me to tell her to shut up. I tried to be diplomatic and said that some of us would like to sleep. That worked for about an hour, then she started in again.

She has given our travel club proposals on four trips for next year, which I think I'll veto. I'll never go on another trip run by her travel agency.

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HMK said...

That sounds like a form of torture!