Sunday, February 1, 2009


Last week I mentioned the book Hard to Place (pub. North Star Press) written by a friend of mine, Marion Goldstein. Yesterday it finally arrived.

I sat down to read and stopped only for dinner and sleep, then started again this morning until I finished it. It's a wonderful story about Marion and her desire to be a mother. She also covers memories of growing up in Brooklyn, NY.

After she had three children and the death of a premature infant, she and her husband decided to look into the prospects of adopting a hard to place child. Eventually they heard about two very young boys who had been neglected by their parents and removed from the home by the Canadian Social Service Department. Marion and her family adopted these two boys and this book is their story.

Marion also goes into other parts of her life, her parents and her return to school to become a psychologist while raising five children. There were parts of this book that I especially liked because I knew the people and places she mentioned.

Naturally, not everything went smoothly for this family, but they got through it as a family. Marion mentions her aprehension when the boys wanted to search for their biological family, but she and her husband supported that search. They even accompanied the boys on a reunion with their two sisters and mother.

This is a wonderful book - some tears, some chuckles, lots of love between husband and wife, between parents and children and between brothers and sisters. I heartily recommend this book.


Daryl said...

I am putting it on my list of 'get that book' ... thanks for the visit and the kind comment on my Monochrome Monday shot!

Deb said...

I've added the book to my "want to read " list as well.
Thanks for visiting us at Tylerfarm. So glad you enjoyed the photos. Your comment was exactly right - I do live a wonderful life and I so enjoy being able to share with everyone through my blog :)
Take care -

ms/sss said...

I,too, really enjoyed reading HARD TO PLACE (
Wouldn't you like to see a movie made from it?
I think that we can all identify with this family's story. There's so much love, doubt, happiness, sorrow, conflict, togetherness...
Yes. This is a wonderful book!