Sunday, February 8, 2009


I've written before that Burnie likes to climb, I guess that's because he has a bad hip that makes jumping difficult. I've always felt confident about leaving things on the counter because of this.

Yesterday I bought a rolling cart for the kitchen. I don't think there is a kitchen anywhere that has enough storage and counter space. This cart adds 2 ft of counter and is at the same level as the counter. I guess I wasn't thinking about the arrangement because I put the cart at the end of the counter, right next to my garbage pail which is next to a small table that Burnie sits on to look out the window. Big mistake.

This morning I heard a noise, but I ignored it. About 15 minutes later I walked into the kitchen and there was Burnie sitting on top of the refrigerator not able, or knowing how, to get down. I had to show him where to go. He seemed to climb onto his little table, then onto the garbage pail, then the cart and then walked along the counter to the refrigerator where he was able to climb onto the top.

That's one of his favorite things to do - climb, but then he "trees" himself and needs help.

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