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Monday, February 23, 2009

Burnie's Tale

I've been tricked. I should have expected it. All week, Mom kept saying that I was going to the doctor, but she took advantage of my liking to crawl into boxes and lured me into my carrier.

This is my favorite way to spend the day.

Not anymore. Today, she put one of my favorite toys in the carrier and I followed it in. THEN, she locked the gate.

Off we went to the car. As soon as she started belting me in, I knew something was up. I thought we were going to a new house again. But no. She was taking me to the doctor. I let her know my displeasure right away and yelled all the way to there. I even yelled in the waiting room, everyone came out to see who was making so much noise.

The vet agreed with everything I already knew. I either have asthma or a hairball I can't get up and my limp is probably arthritis. He also said I'm a big boy, a healthy 13.5 pounds. He gave Mom some medicine to help me cough up some hairballs. That takes all my fun away. I like getting her upset with my coughing.

Just when I was starting to like this vet, he jabbed me with a needle. I really let him know how I felt. I did like him though when he agreed that some calicos, like Crash, can be "difficult".

When we got home, mom felt guilty about this visit so she gave me, just me, some of that special cat milk. I love it, maybe I'll forgive her.
Right now, I'm so tired, I think I'll take a nap on her new chair. She wouldn't dare complain. I think she's going to be nice to me for a while. I really made her feel guilty for putting me in my carrier and taking me to the vet.
Bye for now.

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