Thursday, February 19, 2009

Travelling President

Correct me if I'm wrong. I thought our president was concerned about our overuse of fuel. I thought he wanted us to drive less, thus reducing our dependence on foreign oil.

Why then has he spent the greater part of this week travelling all over. Over the three day weekend he flew to Chicago and back to Washington. On Tuesday, he flew to Denver and back to Washington. On Wednesday, he flew to Arizona and back to Washington. Today he has flown to Canada. I assume he will fly back to Washington. Then where will he go next?

If he worked for an employer other than the we taxpayers, he would have been obligated to fly to Chicago, then directly to Denver, then to Arizona and then to Canada and finally back to Washington.

I thought he was computer savy. Has this man never heard of teleconferencing? He could have saved all that fuel by just having his meetings via the computer in the Oval Office, or he could have just televised all his signings and rallies.

I don't expect him to fly commercial, but he is putting an awful lot of miles on Air Force I and burning a lot of fuel that could have been given to some of the states that could use it for their emergency vehicles, or even sold at a very low rate to poor people who need their cars for transportation.

This is a terrible waste of energy and our money.


ms/sss said...

I've heard a lot of comments about our president's travels. The criticisms seem valid, but at the same time, he sure brings a good feeling, much needed uplifting of spirit, and an energy that probably wouldn't get across to the people via the television screen.
I've done my travels, too, as I promised myself, and I was out WALKING first thing this morning. I feel more energetic!

HMK said...

It seems to me that the president is trying to pull the country together by letting diverse areas get to see him in person during this very trying economic time.

I think Pres. Obama is attempting to educate the American people about the realities of our present economic situation. It's really a bad situation.

His approach is a little different from Roosevelt's "Fireside talks" on the radio. (Though that might not be a bad idea- either radio and/or TV talks of reassurance and explanation.)

I think we are all very concerned and a bit frightened by the turn of events this past year. I hope we get through this period OK.

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

You know, I didn't even consider this, as probably most Americans haven't either. We tend to ignore what our politicians are spending money on, as long as we see them working. We don't tend to think about ways that they should be saving money.
I agree with you, though. He is being very wasteful, especially in this age of more efficient communications via phone/computer/fax/video etc.

Good call.