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Monday, February 16, 2009

Geographical Explorations

I've been trying to decide on a geographical exploration (vacation) for this year. I've heard about a couple of big trips, but this year I'm leaning toward several short trips.

This morning I started looking for someplace to go. I've wanted to go to Gettysburg for some time now, so I looked into that. It's only a 3-4 hour drive from my home. If I plan on staying for 3 days I should be able to see a lot.

Besides the battleground, I want to take a trip to the Eisenhower farm. I was a little disappointed to realize that his library is not on the farm, it is in Abilene KS. Since I visited the Truman Library a few years ago, I've set a goal to visit each presidential library. I'm going to Boston in the fall, so I'll see JFK's library then.

I was quite surprised when I looked at the map. For some reason I didn't realize that Gettysburg is so close to Maryland. I might be able to take a side trip there. I may also stop at Lebanon PA where I worked for one month many, many years ago. Just to see how much the town has changed. I think it may be nice to go there in May.

Our community is also running a trip to Lake George NY this year too. It will be a three day trip, so I'll probably take that one too.

And, of course, I'll go out to Seattle to spend some time with my son. I've seen a lot of the city, so he may have to find something to entertain me.

It's great to be retired. I can finally give in to my wanderlust. Just give me a destination and time to pack and I'm willing to go anywhere.


The W.O.W. factor said...

Oh to think about travels..
I've no clue what that would feel like!
I'm sure your son will find some adventure for you in Seattle.
Enjoy your journeys.

HMK said...

Gettysburg was one of our favorite trips.
We had seen the great movie about it and had read Shara's book so we were prepared
You might want to rent the movie. We have the book if you want to borrow it.
We really were amazed to see the actual "Devil's Den" etc when we toured the battlefield.
The tour tapes are a great help too as well as the visitor center & film about the battle.