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Thursday, December 4, 2008

Public Apology

I'm writing this tonight as a form of public apology to Burnie, both for the things I've said about him and the things I've done to him. I've often complained, but that's because he's a very curious cat and into everything. He gives the impression that he's not too bright, but I'm beginning to change my opinion of him.

Here's some background on my latest project with him. I'm a great fan of Daisy The Curly Cat. She has a blog ( if you would like to read it. If you can't connect, just copy and paste the link. At least once a week she is dressed in some new outfit, sometimes a fancy hat or a skirt or a shirt. The other day I saw a pretty ruffled collar in red and green and a hat with red antlers that I thought would be fun to put on the cats for Christmas.

Crash wanted no part of it. She wouldn't even let me near her with the collar, not to mention the hat. Burnie was sleeping in a box of books, so I woke him up and put the hat on him.

He doesn't look pleased, but at least I had no trouble putting it on, even when it slid over one eye.

Or both eyes.

Then he let me put the collar on him, again he doesn't look pleased, or is he embarrassed.

I left him like that and he went back to sleep until it was time for his nap on the couch. He is the calmest, gentlest and kindest cat I have ever known. And believe me I've had a lot of cats in the last 40 or so years.

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