Saturday, December 6, 2008

My Tree

Today while I was decorating the tree I was reminded of four Christmas' ago when I had just moved into my new home. A cousin whose artistic and decorating talents I have always admired went shopping with me and suggested that since my home was new, I should get a new Christmas tree and decorate in a new way. She suggested a color combination of deep red and silver. We also bought some elegant new decorations.

I was all for the idea, I bought different sized ornaments in the colors she suggested. I even tied ribbons on them instead of using ornament hangers. The red ornaments had silver ribbons and the silver had red ribbons. It was supposed to be a beautiful and modern tree.

Then I started to unpack my ornaments. There was the Wise Man on a Camel that my parents bought for our first tree after we got married and the ornaments my husband and I bought for our first tree.

Then there were the yarn dolls I made for my son's first Christmas and the balls with Hummel pictures inside that were given to my younger son for his Baptism. Of course, there were all the ornaments that the boys painted and the ones we collected over the years.

And the ornaments that haved survived from my parents' tree. Ohh, the memories, I couldn't not put them on the tree.

I now have three trees (1 large in the living room, and 1 small in each bedroom) and am thinking about a 4th.

The new ornaments were put on the back of the tree and all my old favorites got honored places in front where I could see them.

Sorry Rita, but happy memories and love take precedence over modernity and sophistication.

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