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Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Chirp, Chirp

It all started yesterday with a gentle soft chirping every hour or so. Then it became every half hour, then fifteen minutes or so. Since I had heard that some in our community were having trouble with their smoke detectors' batteries, I assumed that was the problem.

I have very high ceilings so I wondered how I could change the battery. First I would have to lock up Burnie, then get on the ladder and check the type of battery, then see if I had a spare. I tried to ignore the chirping and wait until Christmas and have my son take care of it. But after hearing it several times during the night, I decided it couldn't wait. Then I thought the sound was coming from my TV remote. I took the remote to the other end of the house, but it never chirped. It had to be the smoke detector. Darn.

Later I went to the Clubhouse and while I was there, my pocketbook started chirping. I guess it wasn't the smoke detector after all. Now what could it be? I thought that the only battery operated gadget I had with me was the remote for my car keys. I had to listen to the chirping all afternoon.

Since my remote was new, I really couldn't understand why the batery was dying.

I was about to switch key remotes when I saw that I had another battery operated gadget in my pocketbook - my cell phone. I took it out of my pocketbook and saw that the battery was low, then it chirped confirming that this was the culprit. I'm charging the battery now and all is quiet.

Ahh, the sweet sound of silence.

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