Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Adventures in Decorating

Here it is December 3 and I haven't started my Christmas decorating. This morning I decided that I would start NOW. I retrieved the lights from the garage and surprise, surprise, they worked. I even found the tape to tape them onto the windows (from the inside of course). Then the trouble started.

I got the stepstool, put it in front of the dining room window, walked away for just a minute to get something. Then I realized that I hadn't locked Burnie up and he was already sitting on the top step. Boy, he's fast. I finally got him back on the floor and started taping the lights. I couldn't keep the pieces of tape straight, they kept curling, either around my finger or sealing on the wire before I put the lights against the window. The next problem came when I tried peeling the tape off the wire, my nails were getting in the way. I finally have been able to let me nails grow and I'm not used to doing things with nails. After about a half hour I decided to stop and do the windows tomorrow.

I put some of the other decorations around the house and went out later to get some suction cup hangers for the lights. Of course when I wanted to put some candles out, I discovered that I didn't have enough, so I had to stop and order some.

I did make some progress and hopefully tomorrow will be much easier.

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