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Tuesday, June 19, 2007


I've just heard that Mayor Bloomberg has left the Republican party to become an Independent. What a surprise!

There has been speculation lately that he would run for President in 2008 as an Independent. Of course, he has denied that he has any such intention. I see this change to become an Independent as his way of testing his chances. He now joins Hillary Clinton as someone who lied to become elected to their position. Both said they would serve their complete term if elected.

I would hate to see him become President. He has a superior attitude - I know what's good for you, you don't know anything. I don't see that life in NYC has gotten any better lately, I have noticed, even though I don't have any statistics, that crime seems to be increasing.

It would be interesting to see the ballot in 2008 - Democrat Hillary Clinton vs. Republican Rudy Guiliani vs. Independent Michael Bloomberg. Stranger things have happened. Who would win?

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