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Tuesday, June 12, 2007


This morning there was an article in the NEW YORK POST, "Gran Rams into Bank".

Why do reporters always seem to think it necessary to specify the age when a driver involved in an accident is over the age of 60. If the driver is over 60, the headline invariably reads, "60, or 70, or 80 year old runs into crowd". If the driver is under 60, the headline reads, "Driver runs into crowd", unless of course, the car is an SUV. Then the headline reads, SUV crashes into crowd. Somehow, sedans or sports cars never go out of control, unless they're driven by the elderly.

Last week a car sideswiped another car and landed in a restaurant. There was no mention of the driver's age or the make of car. There are far more out of control cars with younger drivers than there are of older drivers.

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Anonymous said...

We were driving from NV to CA and I was sitting in the passenger seat next to my husband. I realized how helpless I was at that moment. My life depended upon his safe driving. However, both of us were rather helpless, because we depended upon the responsible driving of all those many people surrounding us on the road. How lucky we all made it this far in life.