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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Today on the TV I heard a story about a little girl, if I remember right, about 8 years old.  It seems that her teacher gave her an award for being the best at making excuses for not doing homework.  Her mother was incensed that the teacher should do that.  She felt that the teacher was bullying her little darling.

That story reminded me that when I was in first grade, whenever the class acted up Sister Julia would threaten to leave us.  That always triggered my tears and soon I had a new name, "Woodhaven Waterworks".  I don't ever remember feeling bullied, in fact I wore the title proudly.

Years later, my son had a teacher in 2nd grade who would sing the theme from the Twilight Zone whenever someone  was caught not paying attention.  Eventually, the whole class caught on and chimed in.  It almost seemed to be a badge of honor to be sung to.  As far as I know all those children turned out OK.

I think this child's mother is doing more harm than good by calling attention to this "award".  Give the teacher credit, she found something that the child is good at.  If this child is not getting her homework done on time, some of the blame belongs to the mother who should be checking her daughter's homework.

Things have gone too far.

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BetteJo said...

Our babies need protecting during every waking second of their existence, didn't you know? Yikes. I fear what will happen when some of the kids these days grow up and face something like - oh - getting fired? Their world will end. And they can thank mom and dad!