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Monday, May 28, 2012

13 and Counting

Strawberries that is.

Last year I planted a few strawberry plants in a container.  I watched and watered them faithfully and was delighted with the blossoms.  Soon those blossoms turned into actual berries.  There were 7.  When I last saw them, they were almost ripe.  They needed one day more, then I would cut them into my breakfast.

The next morning they were missing.  A few days later I saw a rabbit on my patio.  He must have been the one who ate all my berries. 

After that, I must admit I ignored the plants and even left them in their container on the patio all winter.  I guess because we had a very mild winter here in NJ, they survived and even multiplied.

There have been several blossoms and so far I have harvested 13.  There are still a few unripe ones and several blossoms. 

I've learned my lesson; I take them before they are fully ripe.  I know it's mean, but I don't intend to feed any rabbit this year.

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