Wednesday, May 9, 2012


I swear sometimes I have the attention span of a gnat, or maybe I just don't want to wade through all the filing and papers piled up on my desk.

I started out with all good intentions.  I actually filed a few pieces of paper, then my troubles started.  I found a print-out of what I call my "memoirs".  Actually, it's just a collection of family history and my childhood through the present time.  After my mother died a while back, I realized I had so many questions about the family history and that now there was no one to answer them.  So I decided to start writing my memories and impressions.

Now, back to my original problem.  When I found this print-out I had to sit down and read it.  Then I saw errors and had more thoughts, so I had to start writing.  That was well over an hour ago, and the papers keep piling up.

Guess I better go back to work.

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